COGITAT - Introduction

Learning, remembering and forgetting are elementary characteristics of the human existence. Their central importance becomes drastically apparent in cases of neurodegenerative diseases as for e.g. in Morbus Alzheimer. It is one of the greatest challenges of our time to understand the basis of these brain functions.

The rapid growth of studies of the nervous system using neurophysiological and molecular genetic techniques offer an exciting opportunity to understand the complex consequences of genetic perturbations on cognitive and emotional abilities. It is increasingly necessary for such studies to have methods available which bridge the gap between the microscopic manipulations and the macroscopic visible functional aberrations.

COGITAT is a noninvasive and not burdening system which measures a large number of parameters related to learning, remembering and retraining abilities of the test animals and enables the experimentalist to relate the observed changes of these mental capabilities with the genetical, pharmacological or chirurgical modifications.

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