This program simulates the run of a COGITAT trial:
With the cursor you play a mouse, snooping in the single holes to find out if there is a small piece of food (pellet).

These pellets are always put into the test track in the same pattern to find out how long it takes the mouse to remember this specific pattern.
You, as the mice in real trials, have only a short time to find and eat all the pellets in their holes.

But you need not remember the patterns, as they are randomly generated.

How to play: Move your mouse on the 'playground'. As soon as you come near a hole, it changes colour into yellow and you can see, if there is a pellet in it (represented as a dot). The pattern of the pellets are randomized.
If you move your mouse completely over this hole, you can klick with your mouse to eat this pellet; the dot changes to a cross.
The aim of the game is to find all the pellets before your time runs out.

© by COGNITRON 1986